Online Cheesemaking Course - University of Guelph

2000151 Introduction to Dairy Fermentations
Department of Food Science
University of Guelph
Online Sept 13 – 29, 2021


Introduction to Dairy Fermentations is a 3-week, fully online course that describes the selection, properties, management, and applications of lactic acid bacteria (called starters),  as well as secondary cultures such as white and blue molds in manufacture of cheese and other fermented dairy products. Learning activities include online presentations, videos, practical exercises, online discussions, quizzes and thoughtful assignments. Guest instructor for this course is Dr. Martin Wilkinson, Professor, University of Limerick, Ireland.

Who should take this course?

If you wish to better understand and manage the interactions among starter bacteria, secondary cultures, and other microorganisms transferred to milk or cheese from the environment, then, this course is for you.


Introduction to Dairy Fermentations begins on Monday Sep 13 and closes on Friday Sept 29. Participants should allow 2-hours per day (10-hours per week). See this link for more details and registration.  Registration will close on Thursday Sept 9.

There’s More

Introduction to Dairy Fermentations is part of a Cheese Maker Certificate Program that requires a total of six courses that can be completed in any order. Please see this link for more details or contact Food Science Events